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The oil and gas value chain starts with exploring and producing crude and ends with providing refined products to end consumers. Storage Logistics LLC acts as a service provider to the value chain by shipping and storing, redelivery of energy in its various forms to customers around the world.  In addition, Storage Logistics LLC is taking steps towards integrating its business further with the downstream sector.

As Storage Logistics LLC builds on a successful business model, it continues to seek new opportunities for value integration.


Since 2014, Storage Logistics LLC has been offering services in oil and dry-cargo vessel chartering and on-line fleet management. The chartering department staff consists of highly skilled and certified specialists with long working experience in the given market sector.

Our specialists provide thorough planning for all the stages of a vessel work, give instructions and recommendations, keep track of vessel position on-line, introducing necessary corrections during the whole operating period of a vessel.
Wide connections with partners worldwide allow us always provide optimal transport solutions.

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With a history of numerous years and a focus on sustainability, we ensure safe, efficient and clean storage and handling of liquid products for our customers. Our tanks at the terminals are capable of multiple types of cargo handling operations rail-in, rail-out, ship-in, ship-out and ship-to-ship operations and the terminal are capable of receiving which VLCCs. The terminal offers high pumping rates per hour which allows efficient loading and unloading of large vessels

The tank facilities are equipped with flexible pipeline routings that permit simultaneous handling of different product qualities as well as complex blending operations. The tank facilities has advanced control and cleaning systems to maintain multiple product segregation.