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Refined Products

Refined products are derived from crude oil through processes such as distillation and catalytic cracking.  Refining is necessary to transform crude oil into products that fuel the modern economy.

The various refined products have different physical and chemical characteristics. Storage Logistics LLC's refined products we store and ship includes, but is not limited to, the below:

Commonly used as a fuel for internal combustion engines from cars to industrial equipment.  Unlike other commodities, gasoline is often blended using a number of components to meet specification requirements of different countries.

Storage Logistics LLC has a larger storage space for gasoil / diesel.  The fundamental difference between these otherwise similar products is the sulphur content.  This fuel has a broad range of use, and can be used to energize cars and ships and keep power plants running.

One of the most diversely used fuels, LPG is used for cooking, heating, fuelling cars and as a petrochemical feedstock also.  It is one of the fastest growing consumed fuels, as emerging markets seek to shift their demand towards this cleaner fuel from dirtier alternatives.  We store and ship LPG products.

This product has various applications, the main ones being feedstock for gasoline and the manufacture of petrochemicals. 

One of the output streams from Orpic is a light naphtha which is used for gasoline blending and further conversion into other products. Storage Logistics LLC stores and ships this product.

An aviation fuel designed to power gas-turbine engine aircrafts. The most commonly used fuel for commercial aviation is Jet A1, which is produced to a standardized international specification.

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  Jet Fuel

Liquefied Petroleum Gas                       (LPG)

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