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The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts a 30% increase in global energy needs by 2040, with demand for both crude oil and natural gas growing over this period.  Much of modern industry relies on crude oil and its by-products, resulting in the continued growth in its global use, whether it be to produce petrochemicals (the building blocks of modern consumer products) or as fuel for transportation (including aviation and shipping). Natural gas demand will also grow, especially in developing economies, due to the benefits it offers compared to other fossil fuels.  Although products derived from the oil and gas industry are consumed across all countries globally, there are only a few nations who are major producers of these products.  At Storage Logistics LLC, we act as the conduit to help the flow of these products from areas of production to areas of demand via our shipping line and also store these products in our storage facility.



Storage Logistics LLC is an independent tank storage operator of crude oil, having commenced trading at…


Refined products are derived from crude oil through processes such as distillation and catalytic cracking…


Storage Logistics LLC is a leading global physical and derivative player in the petrochemical industry…


Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), as the name implies, is gaseous natural gas that has been processed to…


Petroleum coke (Petcoke) and Elemental Sulphur (sulphur) are both by-products recovered during the…

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Having commenced trade as a marketer of Omani crude and refined products, today we organise our business lines across five main areas of focus: