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Light Bunkering and Logistic (LBL) Tank Terminal

Storage Logistics LLC has recognised that in a constantly maturing and truly global industry, the optimal financing solution for importers, exporters, producers and processors may not always be traditional bank finance. The provision of competitive working capital support and structured finance solutions to our counterparties enables Storage Logistics LLC to serve those trading partners across a range of dimensions, maintaining long-lasting relationships that are built on trust and performance. We can utilise diversified funding sources combined with our deep expertise in shipping & tank storage to provide innovative offerings centred on the delivery and/or offtake of energy commodities.

A strong standalone balance sheet and government shareholding structure provides an efficient base for financing ever expanding trading activities, increasing volumes and expanding to new regions. Collateralised and self-liquidating short-term loans are predominantly utilised, secured by the underlying physical commodity to create low risk structures and consequently competitively priced funding.

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